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Who is a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist?

How does a child and adolescent psychiatrist work?

In recent years, awareness of psychiatric and psychological problems has started to increase in the society, and it has been realized that psychology is one of the most important areas in human life. With the increase in awareness and the expanding scientific literature, it has been understood that children and adolescents are not small states of adults, and knowledge about the mental states of children and adolescents has increased. With these developments and the increase in the number of specialists working in the field, the number of children, youth and families who applied to the child and adolescent psychiatry clinic has accelerated. However, due to the frightening reputation of psychiatry, many families still hesitate to apply to a child and adolescent psychiatrist. Child and adolescent psychiatrists, who have been trained for many years, have the ability to evaluate clients from many perspectives.

When children and families apply to a child and adolescent psychiatry clinic, the process usually proceeds as follows;

In the first interview, unlike other examinations, the child psychiatrist prioritizes establishing a warm, compassionate therapeutic bond with the child and young person.

He listens to the difficulties and problems experienced from many different perspectives and from different sources (family, teachers, experts in other fields) and tries to formulate them in his mind.

He requests tests and analyzes he deems necessary.

After formulating the difficulty, he shares it with the family and the child.

It offers treatment options based on the formulation that everyone agrees with.

Shares the advantages and disadvantages of treatment options with the family and the child. It enables the family and the child to take a role as part of the treatment or change.

Regulates psychopharmacological and/or psychotherapeutic interventions for psychiatric or psychological conditions.

Provides regular follow-up after treatment and interventions are arranged.

After sharing the processes that children and families can carry out with a child psychiatrist, I strongly recommend that they seek the opinion of a child and adolescent psychiatrist who has the ability to evaluate from different perspectives, and include a child and adolescent psychiatrist in the treatment team.

I wish you healthy days.

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