Why Madalyon?

Why Madalyon? - Madalyon Psikiyatri MerkeziMadalyon Psychiatry Center aims to serve in the field of psychiatry, introduce the science of psychiatry with the public, shed light onto the importance of psychiatry, cause people to get benefit from the science of psychiatry, terminate the anxiety that would be caused of psychiatry and be served to public without any hesitation regarding the high expanse

Madalyon Psychiatry Center aims to combine the qualified and scientific psychiatric service that is given by its mental health professionals with a comfort and care.

Besides the psychiatric, neurological and psychological assessment tools, intelligence tests, psychiatric diagnostic tools, personality tests and neuropsychological tests are utilized. Each psychological test is applied and evaluated by certificated psychologists. The numerous mental health professions in our center make the patient-centered treatment programs efficient and effective.

There are numerous hospitals, health centers and clinics in our country yet the number of mental health centers and psychological counseling centers are very limited.

Our Current Psychology Publications

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