Phone Therapy

Our center has started the Telephone Therapy service for our our patients who did not have a chance to come in person and who did not have the chance to talk with their doctor or psychologist and who have already been taken face to face appointment at least once before.

What is an Phone Therapy?

Make your physician wherever you are in Turkey, thanks to the phone appointment with a psychologist or 30 minutes or 45 minutes can make calls via telephone.

How can I get an Phone Therapy?

Phone Appointment is very simple to use, you need to do; Please call our phone number +90 312 468 08 98 to get an appointment.

Pay your doctor’s or psychologist’s fee to IBAN: TR290004600153888000173067 – Madalyon Sağlık Hiz. A.Ş. Akbank Bakanlıklar Şb. account and please spesify yor ID number and contact number.

Our secretaries will call you to determine your  appointment  time the day after the bank transaction.

On the day of our therapy, our clinic will call you and connect to you your doctor or psychologist.

In what situations is the Phone Appointment advantageous?

Our clinic always recommends face-to-face meetings, telephone appointment service is an option only if you have to;

  • When you are afraid to speak face to face.
  • Where you are located outside Ankara.
  • Where there are people you cannot leave alone.
  • If it is difficult to reach our center.

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