Human Resources Policy


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    Human Resources Policy

    General Principles

    Since its establishment, Madalyon Psychiatry Center has embraced the principle of being a family with all its employees, working together, developing together, and winning together. In the improvement of service quality, the enhancement of tasks and processes, the organization of internal activities, and, in short, in all decisions related to the institution, the views and suggestions of all our employees are valued.

    To reach the most suitable human resources in line with the vision, mission, and goals of our institution, and to carry out all activities necessary to work together for many years within the framework of mutual trust and satisfaction, constitutes the essence of our human resources policy.

    In our institution, the principle of maximum diversity is followed in all kinds of communication and interaction without discrimination based on race, color, age, nationality, gender, and belief.

    Training and Development

    All the necessary training to maintain and improve both the quality of service and the professional satisfaction of our colleagues is supported by our institution’s management. Our institution provides every kind of support for our employees to access the most accurate, up-to-date, and valid information and skills, both through the trainers at Madalyon Academy within our institution and through agreements with leading educational institutions in Turkey.


    Applications from candidates who want to be part of our expert and staff team are gladly accepted and reviewed from all over Turkey and even from all around the world. Among the applications, the most suitable methods are preferred and developed to identify candidates who meet the criteria of the Madalyon family, have completed the necessary education and expertise, and are in harmony with our values and working pace.

    All our colleagues are recruited based on a competency-based selection and evaluation system according to the defined job profile. Competency-based interviews, personality inventories, and general ability tests conducted based on objective criteria are the main components of our system.

    Candidates who want to join our growing and strengthening family can submit their applications to us via the email address or through the job postings on our website.

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