In 2005, Madalyon Psychiatry Center was founded by four mental health professionals (Gülseren Budayıcıoğlu, MD, Psychiatrist, Cengiz Güleç, MD, Psychiatrist, Ayşe Yalın, PhD, Psychologist,, Mehmet Akif Sayılgan, PhD, Psychologist). It was first located on Cinnah Street, Ankara as a 500 square-meter psychiatry center. Same year, the center had been certificated by Turkish Ministry of Health.

Madalyon aims to be a psychiatry center that patients from every socio-economic status can easily come. In this respect, it had a contract with Turkish Social Security Institution and Turkish Retired Union.

The number of patients who referred to center has been increasing rapidly in each day. Thus, in 2008 the center moved to Paris Street and since 2014 it has been located on Atatürk Boulevard as a 4500 square-meter huge center.

Besides the head-office in Ankara, since 2013 a branch office has been functioning in İstanbul (Asian part) with 75 professions including psychologists and psychiatrists.